The ITAY Mineral Eye Shimmer is the all-in-one, all-inclusive, all-everything go-to beauty tool. Capable of being used in a variety of ways, these eye shimmers make getting ready an absolute breeze. From your hair to your nails, the ITAY Eye Shimmers have got you covered. Makeup has been made easy. Because of the 100% all-natural minerals in the ITAY Mineral Eye Shimmers, these colors do not irritate the skin. Free of dyes, talc, preservatives, chemicals, and oils—the vibrant eye colors are safe to use on the most sensitive areas of skin around the eyes, and will not pull or tug on skin. So, how does the ITAY Mineral Eye Shimmers work?…Here are 6 unique ways!

1. For Eyes

In its simplest form, these Eye Shimmers are perfect for any daytime look. Mix and match from the large selection of colors to get the perfect look you want. Wear it dry for the perfect daytime sheen or wet to get that high fashion look, these colors will last all through the day and night.

  1. For Eyeliner

What better way to complement your eyes than to use the ITAY Eye Shimmer as both an eye shadow and liner. Gently wet the tip of an ITAY eye liner brush and draw a smooth line to frame your lash line. Use the same color to get that perfect pop of color—perfect for daytime and nighttime.

  1. For Lips

Use the ITAY Mineral Eye Shimmers to create a custom color for your lips. Start by spreading the ITAY lip balm or ITAY lip gloss over the lips, then dab balm/gloss into the ITAY Eye Shimmers to get the desired lip color.

  1. For Nails

To get the perfect nail color to match your eye makeup, use with ITAY clear nail polish. Gently spread the nail brush in the Eye Shimmer color of your choice and apply this new color over your nails.

  1. For Hair

By mixing the ITAY Eye Shimmer with your favorite hair gel, get an added touch of pizazz to your look. Work it through single strands or apply to you whole head. Whether it is touch of highlights to single strands or a shimmer all over, these colors will help you to stand out in any crowd.

  1. For Body Glow

Mix the ITAY Eye Shimmers with your favorite lotion to get a light shimmer all over your body. Accentuate your skin and give it that added glow for any special occasion



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