Green Beauty is among the few shops in Estonia focusing on high-quality healthy vegan-friendly makeup products and mineral powders. Amongst the products that we offer you will only find the best, handpicked and well researched products made of the best ingredients and with the highest morals. We don’t support cruelty and cheap chemical formulas, hence our products are luxurious and cruelty free. We strive towards more sustainable packaging and minimum waste. We believe that our daily makeup products should be kind to our skin and to our environment and fellow animals.

Besides makeup products we also offer makeup from a professional artist with booking in advance, as well as free consultation at our store Green Beauty, located in T1 Mall of Tallinn.

The skin on our faces should always be treated with the utmost care and delicacy. Which is why our products are made using only the most soothing and healthy natural ingredients because our goal is not to hide imperfections but to heal them. – ITAY MINERAL COSMETICS

We offer carefully thought out products that are not harmful to the precious environment, beloved animals and fellow humans. We believe in the greater good and regularly donate a percentage of our profits to local and worldwide charities. Our roots are deep in the essence of womankind and we have and will continue to support, honour and create with women of all walks of life, of every colour, age and size. Please know, by supporting our small business, you are supporting a carefully considered brand with intention for positive change. – EYE OF HORUS COSMETICS


EYE OF HORUS COSMETICS are inspired by Goddesses past, after all – they are the epitome of true wisdom in beauty. Every product is a delicate harmony of their ancient formulations and naturally derived ingredients to offer modern, cruelty-free, luxury cosmetics to Awaken the Goddess Within.

Born in Australia’s very own majestic Byron Bay, EYE OF HORUS COSMETICS has harnessed ancient beauty formulations tried, tested and loved by Goddesses past. EYE OF HORUS COSMETICS official debut began in 2012, after selling out at local markets, then catapulted to cult stardom due to the iconic branding and high performing, long-wearing and low sensitising products that are also kind to our Mother Earth.

Today, EYE OF HORUS COSMETICS has hundreds of five-star reviews and awards to match, with a devoted cult following and a fan base of professional makeup artists, celebrities and beauty bloggers.

Crafted with love for the universal goddess, all products are the perfect balance of sacred key botanicals and high performance. The brand not only delivers quality but a beautiful story inspired by a magical past which inspires incredible customer loyalty. People are drawn to the brand and once they try the products they become life-long fans. The range of wax is long lasting, smudge-proof, water-proof whilst being great for sensitive eyes, paraben, fragrance and cruelty free.


With so many new mineral powder brands on the market you may be asking yourself, what makes mineral powders different from each other? Every single ingredient and the amount of it, stated from most quantity to least, plays a huge part in its performance. We have chosen to introduce you to ITAY MINERAL COSMETICS solely because of its exceptionally good formula with highest performance on the market.

Every woman on Earth is born beautiful—with a vision of grace and elegance that is all her own. With this in mind, ITAY MINERAL COSMETICS turned to the natural world around us for inspiration and found it in the rolling fields and infinite seas of the Italian landscape. The myriad shades of blue swimming in the Italian lagoons became the blues of the eyeshadow. The glowing summer sunsets inspired the rosy hues of the blush and the golden shades of the bronzers. The warm ochre tones of the earth itself and the crumbling marble buildings became the shades of their foundations.

Itay Mineral Makeup was created to enhance your natural beauty rather than cover it up with harsh chemicals and dyes. No two women are exactly alike, that’s why ITAY MINERAL COSMETICS line of mineral makeup contains over 150 different colors individually designed to compliment your own, unique brand of beauty, because each and every woman deserves to feel like a goddess. Beauty is all around us if you know where to look.

ITAY Mineral’s exclusive mineral makeup foundation powder consists of a natural powder created by processing mica. Mica is mined from the earth’s crust and is 100% natural. This mineral powder allows your skin to breathe, does not clog pores and its natural ingredients take care of your skin all day long. ITAY MINERAL COSMETICS powder does not contain chemicals and other fillers (oils, waxes, talc, fragrances, parabens, etc.), therefore it is perfect for sensitive skin.

ITAY MINERAL COSMETICS powder is made only from natural ingredients: Mica, Zinc Oxides, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide. Our powder powder can be used as a base, concealer, foundation, highlighter, as well as sun protection (SPF 15).

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