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ITAY Mineral Eye Shadows are made of 100% natural minerals that will give you intense color for any look you want. These vibrant, long-lasting colors won’t tug or pull and are free from preservatives, chemicals, dyes, talc, and oil's, so they won’t cause any irritation to the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Mix and match for custom color combinations and looks. Wear them wet or dry for a light sheer look or high sheen glam that will last all day or night. Also can be used on your hair and nails!


Mineral Mica.

Contains carmine, Titanium Dioxide.


  1. To Accentuate the Eye:

ITAY Mineral Eye Shimmer allows you to combine and choose from a large variety of color options to create striking and unique eye styles. Our Eye Shimmer can also be used in a wet or dry method to achieve either a light sheer look, or a high-sheen glam look that will last all day or night.

  1. To Accentuate the Lips:

Apply a small amount of ITAY Shimmer to the lips using itay clear lip balm or lip gloss for a beautiful and creative lip accent.

  1. To Enhance Nail Color:

Mix ITAY Shimmer with ITAY clear nail polish to get that beautiful nail color you've been looking for, as well as a perfect match with your eye makeup to tie your look together.

  1. Add a Touch of Color to Hair:

Combine ITAY Shimmer with your favorite hair gel and apply to one or more strands of hair for a unique glow that requires no bleaching or dying.

  1. To Accentuate Your Skins Natural Glow:

Mixed with lotion, your favorite ITAY Shimmer can provide you with a subtle and luxurious shimmer that accentuates the natural glow of your skin.

  1. To Enhance Eyeliner:

ITAY Shimmer can be applied around the lash line to enhance and embellish your eyes. Just wet the tip of an ITAY eyeliner brush and apply.

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